Wide awake in a city that never sleeps…

There’s nothing prettier than a city at 5 am with its empty streets and cold wind


Seven seconds into stepping out of the Domestic Airport Terminal 2, I clearly remember feeling “This is it”.Travelling in the car 5 mins later, I realized I was finally here.That day was to be a new beginning for me.

Little did I know then,but it was to be a start to a personal journey. I clearly remember the initial days as being incredibly hard. Managing in a new space,working in a professional environment and most importantly staying away from home for the first time. All of it was so overwhelming. Gradually though,all of these were the things I started enjoying about the city. The new space no longer felt unfamiliar.It became second home.The professional environment with the interactions became enjoyable.And most importantly, staying away from home gave me a taste of independence.And that’s when I started enjoying this city much more.

What do I write about this city that no one has ever written? You know some cities just add that extra sparkle to your life.Mumbai for me was that. It changed me so much as a person.It changed the way I approached life.It changed my definition of happiness. And the biggest change? From being a shy, overprotected girl who kept her writing to herself,to pouring my heart out about this city in a blog and publishing it for everyone to read. Without thinking of what anyone would say.The city,with its calm sea has the power to do this.

Mumbai reminds me of this particular scene from Wake Up Sid. When Sid asks Aisha “Tum Bombay mein akeli ho,tumhe darr nai lagta?”, she replies “tumhe nahi pata kitna lagta hai.I’ve never lived alone.But you know yahan aana mera sapna tha,ab ayi hun toh darr nai sakti.”.Unlike Aisha,I had never thought I would be here. Like her though, I had made up my mind to leave all my inhibitions behind.

Today when I think about it,the two cities in my life signify two different things. Pune for me is familiarity,it is home.Mumbai for me was everything new,unexpected that I wanted to do.

So when someone asks me about how it was staying in this city,I take a pause,sum it all up and tell them that there isn’t a single thing about it that I would like to erase.I want to keep it all.The good,the bad,the fun and the not so fun.Each and every part.

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